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  • The Direct Line to God|小天使專線

    by Leigh Goldberg

    This little Dutch angel is the modern world's answer to salvation.

    Some 80 kilometers from Amsterdam lies the quaint town of 's-Hertogenbosch in the southern Netherlands. History and heritage are what the community is known _(1)_, until now. Located high on the historic Saint John's Cathedral is a statue that has _(2)_ a lot of attention since its unveiling in April 2011. Standing among all the other statues of crusaders, saints, and angels is one that is distinctly unique.

    Nicknamed the Little Angel, the figure is not _(3)_ one would normally expect to see. Aside from the angelic wings and smile, nothing else about the statue _(4)_ the image of heaven since it's wearing jeans, has a satchel slung over one shoulder, and is chatting away on a cell phone. That's right? cell phone. In fact, it even has an active mobile number to _(5)_ its piece of modern technology. The statue is the work of Dutch sculptor Ton Mooy, but the number was set up by a local couple who wanted people to be _(6)_ to call the angel.

    What was originally supposed to be a joke has turned into something beyond anyone's _(7)_. The Little Angel's number has become a hotline for people of all ages. It gets about 30 calls a day from children asking innocent questions, people looking for someone to listen to them, and others who are in serious need of help. If only having God's ear could be that easy.

    1.  (A) by  (B) for (C) as  (D) among

    2.  (A) pulled  (B) thrown  (C) dragged (D) drawn

    3.  (A) what    (B) how (C) where   (D) when

    4.  (A) confines    (B) conveys (C) consumes    (D) conquers

    5.  (A) cope with   (B) catch up with   (C) go with (D) get along with

    6.  (A) affordable  (B) imaginable  (C) reliable    (D) able

    7.  (A) descriptions    (B) sensations  (C) expectations    (D) ambitions



    荷蘭南方有個叫丹波斯的古樸小鎮,距離阿姆斯特丹約 80 公里。這個小區以其歷史和遺產而聞名至今。歷史上赫赫有名的圣約翰福音大教堂上矗立著一尊雕像,自 2011 4 月落成時便倍受矚目。矗立在其他十字軍戰士、圣徒和天使的雕像中,這尊雕像顯得格外特別。

    這尊被昵稱為『小天使』的雕像,模樣可不像我們一般預料中的樣子。除了天使的翅膀與笑容外,這尊雕像沒有其他地方傳達出天堂的意像,因為祂身穿牛仔褲、小背包垂掛在肩上,而且正在用手機講話。沒錯就是手機。事實上,這支現代科技的手機甚至配有一組可撥通的號碼。這尊雕像出自荷蘭雕塑家 Ton Mooy 之手,但手機號碼卻由當地一對夫婦所設立,他們想讓人們能夠打電話給小天使。

    原本這項行動只該是個玩笑,但結果卻變成出乎大眾預料的事。小天使的號碼成為老老少少的熱線電話。祂每天收到約 30 通電話,有小朋友打來詢問天真的問題,有些人打來希望有人能傾聽他們的心聲,還有其他急需幫助的人打來尋求協助。但愿獲得上帝的垂聽有那么容易就好了。

    答案:    B   D   A   B   C  D   C

    丹波斯當地一對夫婦心血來潮,在這尊天使像于 2011 4 月落成后不久,配上了手機號碼,還特意為小天使制作了名片,在附近酒吧、餐館和飯店等地分發,果然吸引許多人撥打天使熱線。由于兩人擔心身份暴露后粉絲們的興趣會大大降低,所以這對夫婦在接受采訪時并不肯透露真名。



    The Direct Line to God|小天使專線